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Congratulations to the winner of Best Product of the Show – ETS-Lindgren!

ETS-Lindgren – TILE!™ Totally Integrated Lab Environment Software

Perform EMC Tests with improved accuracy, repeatability and increased throughput. Profile libraries for international regulations RE/RI, CE/CI in compliance with IEC, FCC, and SAE. Simulator enables infinite numbers of testing environments and reflects how instruments will interact, freeing up chamber time allowing other important activities, virtually. Reverb Support for DO-160 F/G, Windows® 7/8 Compatible, Dual Monitor Support, Enhanced 3D graphics.
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Other Best Product of the Show Submissions

Amphenol Canada Corp – Filtered Connectors

ACC filter products provide EMI and EMP protection for all your electronic needs. The solderless design provides protection even in the harshest shock and vibration conditions. From ground applications to aerospace to ordnance, our connectors will protect your signal integrity.
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C-INK – EM Absorbing Ink

The thinnest, the best EM absorption. C-INK’s EM absorbing ink can form thin but quite effective EM shielding layer. The shielding property of 10 micron thickness layer gives 40 dB form 1-20 GHz with ~40% EM absorption.
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Gap Wireless – Frankonia Absorbers

Non-Combustible Pyramid Absorbers in Thin-Film Technology. Frankosorb® RF absorbers are constructed in the so-called “thin film” technology which totally replaces the carbon filled foam absorber technology. This gives the Frankonia RF absorbers the following significant advantages: high absorption capability, no aging or drooping problems, non-combustible acc. to DIN 4102, fire-class A2, low ongoing ownership costs, and high repeatable performance characteristics.
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LANGER EMV-Technik GmbH – ICI HH500-15 L-EFT Pulse Magnetic Field Source

The ICI HH500-15 L-EFT couples fast transient pulses into an IC via a magnetic field. This allows for testing the immunity of individual areas. Side channel attacks can be simulated to test security-critical circuits. A very high resolution 500 µm probe tip & a very low trigger pulse jitter, allow the disruption of very specific points in the program sequence.
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Ophir EMC – OTG117 Induced Lightning System

OTG117 two part system designed to cover section CS117 of Mil-Std-461G. The system consists of two generators. OTG117.1 Generator is capable of producing Waveforms 1, 2, 4 and 5A Multiple Stroke. OTG117.2 Generator is capable of producing Waveforms 3 (1MHz and 10MHz) Multiple Stroke and Multiple Burst and Waveform 6 Multiple Burst
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Rohde & Schwarz – R&S ESW EMI Test Receiver

The R&S®ESW is an EMI test receiver with outstanding RF characteristics, including high dynamic range and measurement accuracy. It meets the most stringent requirements for certification measurements in line with CISPR, EN, MIL STD-461, DO 160 and FCC. FFT-based time domain scan provides ultrafast measurements. Real-time spectrum analysis with 80MHz bandwidth and spectrogram function provide invaluable EMI diagnostic capability.
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Spira Manufacturing Corp. – Spira’s EMI & Environmental Connector-Seal Gasket

Spira offers the best EMI and Environmental protection for square flange-mounted circular connectors. The unique design includes a rigid layer between silicone or fluorosilicone sealing to prevent cold flow and provide the most reliable and effective one-atmosphere seal for the life of the system. Our patented spiral gasket provides excellent EMI shielding up to 152dB in front or back mount.
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Jiangsu WEMC Technology CO., Ltd. – Filter

High performance RFI/EMC/Tempest filters
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